New indoor golfing facility tees-off to a good start

thumblessonIMG 5506The winter season is now among us, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up your golf clubs just yet. Golfers are still able to tee-off any time of the year at the city’s indoor venues. The latest of these, which opened just last month, is Metro Fairway Indoor Golf.

 Metro Fairway offers players the chance to stand on the green and put their swing and putting skills to the test, by using a simulator. You use your own golf clubs and hit a ball, as if you were at a driving range. But when the ball hits the screen, it projects the distance graphically on the simulator. The simulator moves players through an entire golf course, measuring each stroke played, right up to the final hole.

OwnerIMG 3062Adam Nguyen, co-owner of Metro Fairway, practicing his putting skills on one of the simulators at the indoor golf centre.

Photo courtesy of Albert Lam Co-owner Albert Lam wanted to create a relaxed and contemporary kind of environment, where people could go play golf for fun, without feeling like an amateur.

“We have 78 courses that you can choose from, so you can get a little experience on the golf course without feeling too rushed,” he said.

He describes the atmosphere as having a sports-lounge feel to it. There’s a fully licensed bar and kitchen that serves up pub favourites. There are five golf simulators, and of course, there are TVs playing sports at all times.

“We have a pretty big golfing community here in Calgary and we have such long winters. This is somewhere where those people can go during the winter time to just continue their game and work on their swing,” Lam said.

They’re also starting up winter leagues, which will run for 15 weeks.

“It’s just a friendly competition for people to come out, have fun, work on their game and to mingle with other golfers,” Lam said.

Anthony Sario is slowly becoming one of the regulars at Metro Fairway. The combination of great simulators and good food is what he says keeps him coming back for more.

“I was pretty impressed by it. It’s a little different than going to a driving range or using any other simulator. I don’t think that there are any other simulators that compare in Calgary,” Sario said.

golfIMG 3219Metro Fairway is equipped with five simulators, a fully licensed bar and a menu full of pub classics.

Photo courtesy of Albert LamHe describes it as a fun social activity that he can do with his friends and family.

“My wife’s not a big golfer, but we’re able to go with other couples and enjoy it and you don’t have to feel like you have to be as proper as you would on an actual golf course,” he said.

Each time he has gone there. the atmosphere is always different, he said.

“There are times when you see people who are strictly there for golfing and there’s times when it’s a bit more lively, people are drinking,” he said. “Other times, it’s a place where business professionals bring their coworkers and clients.”

Sario compares its atmosphere to that of a bowling alley, only with golf.

“Have a couple drinks, play some golf, don’t take it too seriously if you don’t want to, and just have a good time,” he said.

The cost is $40 per hour per simulator and each simulator can keep track of a maximum of eight players.

Metro Fairway Indoor Golfing is located at 5220 Fourth Street N.E. It is open Sunday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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