Participants feel stress free after a night at Circles of Rhythm


Fulfilled, happy and peaceful were some of the words expressed during a drum circle at Inglewood Community Centre.

Every Friday night, Judy Atkinson, the owner of Circles of Rhythm, brings Calgarians of all ages together to release stress in a fun environment. The night starts off with intense, fast-paced drumming and is followed by a slow meditative chant.

Sheryl Hinds has been coming to Circles of Rhythm for the past two years and also volunteers with them. With the combination of fast and slow drumming she says, “I get to release this angst, and at the same time I get to send love.”

Produced by Jenica Foster

One vital aspect to healing is the rhythm cradle. Participants lie down in the centre of the circle while others beat the drum up and down their bodies. Facilitator Jamie Gore says the drum’s vibrations put people in a place of coherence.

The beat of the drums pulsing through the body creates a harmonious relationship between the body, mind and soul, and ultimately puts people into a relaxed state, she says.

Michael Therriault, who has been attending regularly for the past five years, says there is a large healing aspect with drumming.

Edited drums3Every Friday night people gather in Inglewood to release stress and have fun with the Circles of Rhythm drum circle.

Photo by Jenica Foster “It goes back to nature, with the heartbeat,” he says.

Therriault says drumming helps him focus on the present moment. One shouldn’t worry about the past because it can’t be changed and tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.

Trevor Uruski, who participates in the Circles of Rhythm, feels a spiritual connection with the music of drumming. He says, “When the mind isn’t involved is when the most beautiful and creative things flow through you because otherwise it gets too technical and you start to stumble. It’s just about feeling it.” 

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