Calgary henna artist uses creativity to help cancer patients

thumb IMG_7039Seema Khan, a local henna artist, says that she always had the inspiration to do something with her art.

With a love for creating designs and fabric prints she was drawn to henna art naturally.

With her experience in doing henna art on the body and off the body using objects such as candles, she has been invited to many engagement parties, weddings and festivals as an artist.

Produced by Asha Siad

Through her work Khan illustrates that henna can be very versatile, which
is something that describes her perfectly because as a henna artist she can
create traditional cultural designs but is not afraid to do something funky
and different.

Khan has also been using her work to create free henna crowns for cancer
patients, which has inspired her.

“I just find that it is very inspirational to give that kind of confidence to a person going through something like that,” said Khan.

She works with Henna Heals the only organization in Canada which provides henna crowns for cancer patients or for anyone recovering from hair loss on their heads. 

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