Dogs and cats considered a part of the family

thumb O_Beans-bday-resizedAngela Moore considers herself a mother of three; she has a 13-year-old daughter and two calico cats, Lemon and Bean, making up her happy family.

“I have one human child and two feline children. I certainly don’t believe that they are exactly like my daughter, but they are certainly a part of the family,” Moore said.

“Just as a mother is responsible for her children, I’m responsible for the health and well-being of the cats. Anyone who resides under my roof, I’m responsible for.”

Like humans, Moore said her cats have distinct personalities, are entertaining and provide her and her daughter with unconditional love.

Moore said her cats celebrate the holidays with her family. She recently threw a birthday party for the newest member of the family, Bean, a female caliko, which she adopted earlier in 2012.

“I went out and bought her a birthday shirt, some toys so she had a gift, and we celebrated with tuna.”O Beans-bday-resizedMoore said that her cats are beloved members of her family, and celebrate holidays with her and her daughter.

Photo courtesy of Angela Moore

According to Statistics Canada, in 2007 Canadians spent $4.72 billion on their pets. This increased by 32 per cent in 2011 when Canadians spent $6.23 billion on pets, pet food, veterinary care and other services for their furry relatives.

Calgary canine lover Kara Borget thinks nothing of spoiling her precious pups.

Kara Borget, owner of two Pomeranians, celebrates birthdays and holidays with her furry children. She said on their birthdays the dogs will get a new toy and a little piece of steak or “something fancy” for the BBQ. One year she even made hats for them.

“I do consider them family members. My boyfriend and I have no children so they are our babies. And we treat them like family. They go everywhere we go,” said Borget.

Borget also said her dogs fly with the family to holiday destinations and sleep in her bed.

Francesca Walker said her two-year-old collie beagle pug, Kahlua, is a “very important member” of her family. And her playful character keeps the family laughing all day.

What do you think about your pets being a part of your family? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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