‘Eazy G’ shares talent locally and overseas

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Watching a video online on a beatboxer featured on France’s Got Talent was what sparked Erick Gutierrez’s interest in learning more about the vocal percussion.

Gutierrez’s friend, Nikko Manabat said, “At first I thought it was just a hobby he would do.

“Now I see that he has a real passion for it and can go far in the beatboxing community.”

Beatboxing is an element of hip-hop that is a form of vocal percussion. With the use of one’s lips, tongue and voice, musical sounds are produced.

Gutierrez, 21, goes by Eazy G. He first performed at his high school talent show and from there he grew to love it even more.

He realized the effect he has on other people with his talent when he competed in the Youth Talent Search in the past. After Gutierrez’s performance, a spectator asked for his autograph telling him that she knew he would be famous some day.

Gutierrez said he isn’t in it for the fortune and fame, but he does love the impact it has on others. He once did a workshop with kids and said he was surprised with how much they liked it.

“If you think about it, it’s just making sounds with your mouth,” said Gutierrez.

His talent has reached overseas through his videos on YouTube.

“On Facebook, people add me from the Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, RussiaE MG_6509Erick “Eazy G” Gutierrez has been beatboxing for about six years. He has performed at a number of events since he started.

Photo by Kian Sumalpong and they write on (my) wall: ‘Thanks for the add,’” Gutierrez proudly said.

With people seeing videos of him beatboxing at his home, or an event, admirers find their way to connect with him through social media. Gutierrez said he finds it flattering that other beatboxers ask for his opinions on technique and flow.

For Gutierrez, beatboxing also acts as a way to relieve stress.

“It’s really bad to build up anger. When you beatbox, you can let it all out without saying one word.”

Even though beatboxing has been around for awhile, Gutierrez still thinks it doesn’t get the respect it deserves because it’s still a new concept to some people.

“People say beatboxing is imitation, but I think it’s more creation,” he said.

Gutierrez won his first contest at the Western Canadian Championships held in Calgary in Sept.

One of the judges, Randy (Exzam) Hollick, said his dedication shows with him winning the title.

“I felt that it was well-deserved and not easy by any means but he’s come a long way and he’s doing really well,” said Hollick. He has been a beatboxer for 12 years.

Hollick said Guttierez gives other young and upcoming beatboxers hope and inspiration.

“I’m just doing it because I love it, not because I want to be better than anybody else,” Gutierrez said.


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