Despite the diagnosis, Rocky Barstad is determined to continue making art for as long as he can

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His once strong, precise hands don’t glide as easily over his paintings and sculptures as they used to. Because of Parkinson’s disease, Rocky Barstad was forced to have one final sale that ran from Nov. 23 to 25 before he closed the door to his beloved “Two Feathers” art gallery for good.

Barstad says the sale was a success and that he was surprised how many people came to show their support.

Although this diagnosis has presented its fair share of challenges, Barstad is focused on moving forward and learning how to reconnect with his art in a different way.

Even though Barstad’s gallery is gone, he says he still plans to make art for as long as he can. He says it’s time he accepts that his art will no longer be as detailed and precise as it used to be and that he is going to have to try a more abstract approach. 

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