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Going to the vet can be a stressful ordeal for both animals and their owners.

A visit to the veterinarian can sometimes be an animal’s biggest stressor. It can be the car ride there or being in the office surrounded by other animals. Some animals just hate being poked by a stranger.

Megan Wozniak is a pet owner whose dog has anxiety going to the vet.

“My dog hasn’t been to the vet in years,” she said. “He hates it there.

“When he comes home he just isn’t himself and I can’t bear to see him like that.”

For most pet owners the thought of their animals in distress is hard to deal with.

Vets To Go aims to deliver stress-free veterinary care in the comfort of your home with their mobile services.

Dr. Wendy McClelland, founder of Vets To Go, centred her company around quality of life for the vets, pets and their owners.

McClelland and her staff make house calls, which eliminate the stress of the vet’s office. During their visits they are able to provide services from nail trimming to removing lumps.

“It’s amazing what we can do with them at home with them just relaxed,” family vets2go2_ED-2-copyGoing to the vet can make family pets anxious but, Dr. Wendy McClelland brings her veterinary services to the animals in the comfort of their homes.

Photo by Ashely Alcantara McClelland said.

“You can do better care when you can see them in their own environment.”

Patient Donna Creasey chose at-home care for her cats. She said this is because of her cat Oscar, who dealt with Chrohn’s disease.

“With Chrohn’s disease taking him into the vet we would come home and go through a cycle where his disease would be worse because of the stress,” Creasey explained .

“At-home care works for us. I wouldn’t go back, not now.”

McClelland explained that being at home makes the animals view the vet as a house guest instead of someone to be afraid of.

She said, “If I can leave the house and know that I provided an experience that is better than they would in a clinic, I’m happy.”

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