Seamstress sews for women with large busts

 Produced by Jasmine Han

Women with large busts often have a hard time finding clothes that fit their body type properly.

This is a common case Johnson deals with on a daily basis, as she describes the challenges these women face.

“I always thought there were two kinds of people, those who had enough and those who had too much, but its far harder to deal with a large bust,” Johnson says.

Large-busted women often have problems with button-up tops, as the buttons are always strained and pop off.

Johnson has been making clothes for large busted women and other unique body types for more than 30 years.

She takes special care to ensure that a dress fits her client properly by cutting out and sewing a mock-up first.

This fashion designer will not stop working on a dress until her client is completely happy with what they are wearing.

By personally working with her clientele and having several fit sessions, Johnson aims to give her client exactly what they are looking for.

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