Travis Cornwall teaches kids and coaches young athletes

cornwall thumbnail copyIf you asked professional athletes what they would want to do for work outside of their sport, they may offer an array of answers.

For 23-year-old Travis Cornwall, the answer would be to teach math. The second-year transition player for the Calgary Roughnecks recently graduated from Simon Fraser University with a mathematics degree and plans to teach the subject in the future.

“I’m going to take the next year or year and a half off and go back to school for teacher’s college,” Cornwall said. Once he’s done that, he plans to substitute teach in Vancouver and one day become a full-time teacher.

cornwall largeTravis Cornwall (20) celebrates with teammates after a Roughnecks goal. When not focusing on lacrosse, Cornwall helps Roughnecks’ captain Andrew McBride teach kids about lacrosse, nutrition and staying active.

Photo by Ian Esplen

Currently, Cornwall is working with teammate Andrew McBride, going into schools and teaching kids about lacrosse, nutrition and staying active. Cornwall also works with another teammate, Geoff Snider, at some of the ELEV8 Lacrosse camps held around Calgary. At these camps, they hold training sessions for younger athletes.

McBride, who has played for the past two years with Cornwall in Calgary, said he believes that the second-year player would make a good teacher.

“He’s great with the kids” McBride said. “He not only talks about lacrosse but he talks about other areas of their life, like school and things they like. To be able to engage the kids and get the best out of the kids is what you want.

“Whenever you can do that, the kids can open up to you and enjoy the process a little more,” he added.

Cornwall, who just moved to Calgary in January, said he plans to focus on lacrosse while getting involved in the community.

McBride said that he is excited to see what Cornwall can do for Calgary.

“Not only does he compete on the floor, but he’s going to bring a lot to the city,” McBride said. “It shows a lot of his commitment to the organization and city by moving to Calgary, and we’re lucky to have him here.”

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