Research tips when picking a breed

For some, getting a dog is all about how cute it is, or how it looks.

But experts say getting a dog should come down to how it will fit into an owner’s lifestyle. That’s why the Calgary Humane Society stresses that families do their research.

Philip Fulton, head of humane education, says too often animals arrive at the shelter because their owners’ living circumstances have changed. In 2012, 1,546 dogs were surrendered to the shelter out of the total 7,458 animals surrendered.

“We want to make sure that you are doing the research to make sure that you are making the right decision,” Fulton said.

“It doesn’t matter if you are looking to adopt, get from a breeder, purchasing from a store, getting off kijiji or even finding a stray in an alley, what ever circumstance leads you to bring an animal into your life.

The position the Calgary Humane Society has always had is that we want that to be the forever home of the animal,” Fulton said.

Some things to research before getting a dog include:

• The temperament of the breed
• The breed’s reputation around children
• The size of the dog
• Life expectancy
• The cost of keeping the dog healthy and fed
• The space required for the breed
• The amount and type of required exercise
• Whether the animal sheds

The Calgary Humane Society’s position on dog adoption is that no matter what the circumstances, dog owners should make sure that the animal will stay in that home. 

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