Long-running hobby night instills camaraderie


Walking into Cameron Farn’s garage on a Tuesday night is like walking into something out of a sci-fi movie. Paintings of bloody alien-like creatures, life-like superhero figurines, and Victorian-era vests created for cosplay enthusiasts, fill Farn’s heated garage in the southeast neighbourhood of Acadia.

This is hobby night for Farn, and eight other Calgarians.

“We have a group of people who really like to do stuff and once you settle in and try to do something together, it’s just more fun,” Farn says.

closeupguitar copyOne of Mark Kost’s many cigar box guitars which started as a hobby and now become a business.

Photo by Riad kadriFarn is a photographer, as well as a character designer — creating creatures from a world he has made himself.

“It’s a place where you can be your own crazy self and be perfectly normal,” 
Stephen Sekulic, one of the original founders of the hobby night group, says.

Sekulic takes model kits, and makes pieces in them look more realistic, making the models themselves more life-like and detailed.

Mark Kost, the group’s newest member, says, “They’ll help you work out problems — they’ve all got ideas. They won’t blow any sunshine up your skirt. If it’s good it’s good, if it’s bad it’s bad.” Kost also says that the meetings are more focused on discussing ideas than making anything.

Kost makes cigar box guitars, selling them to friends and slide guitar players.

Attracting graphic designers, model creators and craftsmen of all kinds, hobby night creates a community that all the members are happy to be a part of. With advice, help, and some laughs, hobby night is a place for these friends to belong.


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