Dale Yamada of Mad Jap Kustoms builds successful custom bike shop

MadJap6-thumbOverwhelming smells of engine grease and gasoline fill the musty air of Mad Jap Kustoms, a motorcycle repair and build shop that specializes in handcrafted parts and custom built bikes.

Owner and mechanic Dale Yamada fills a very specific niche in the motorcycle industry and says that hand-crafted motorcycles are a lost form of art.

Valuing the importance of face-to-face communication, Yamada prefers to have clients visit the shop and to see with their own eyes, the quality and passion he puts into every bike he works on. Using his background as a mechanic, he repairs and builds custom motorcycles for a living and couldn’t be happier.

From the outside, Mad Jap Kustoms looks nothing out of the ordinary. Located in the northeast at 28 Avenue and 23 Street, the unassuming shop is framed with a brick wall and a thick black banner with the company logo — a winged helmet. Although the sign says “Service and repair,” stepping inside reveals that Mad Jap Kustoms is far more than that.


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