New type of psychic readings offered

angelcardsA new type of spiritual activity, which falls into its own form, is called angel card reading. Angel card reading is newer and not as well known as tarot card reading, but it is on a path to popularity.

Friends and Gems, a local shop located at Crossroads Market in Calgary, features angel card readings every weekend. Jennifer Mueller, owner and what is called an “angel empowerment practitioner,” explains that angel card reading is a form of healing in which a person releases negative energy from past experiences.

“There is a lot of healing around releasing energy that no longer serves you,” Mueller said, adding that a participant can ask a reader about career, health, finance, and relationships.

Psychics, astrologists, tarot card readers, and mediums are all spiritual guides that people more commonly believe in and use for their personal curiosity and benefit. With television shows like Long Island Medium starring the vivacious Theresa Caputo featured on TLC, it is hard not to believe in mediums and psychics.

During an angel card reading the reader’s “personal angel” connects with the participant’s angel and provides the participant with information for their highest good.

“They often know you better than you know yourself,” Mueller said, referring to one’s own “angel guides.” Much like tarot cards, the reader uses angel cards in a variety of themes as a tool to tune in to the participant’s questions and answer them.

But, the readings do not necessarily work for everyone.

Aaron Strashok, a Calgary man, has had his angel cards read and said that although the information he was told about himself was correct, it did not help him learn how to manage the situation that was foretold.

Mirjam Knapik, a psychologist who works at Mount Royal University as a counselor, has concerns about psychics and angel card reading because it is a service that has not been scientifically proven.

Knapik believes that because it is not proven to be helpful, “There’s a risk of actually exploiting people who are suffering.”angelresizePaige Stevenson, a local angel card reader says that the readings she gives are all about love and light.

Photo by Caroline Fyvie

 Some people find psychics to be very helpful, including Riley Valde a second-year psychology student at Mount Royal University. Valde believes in psychics, and said that they helped her stress levels go down by letting her know things were going to get better when she was struggling through a difficult time last year.

Mueller says being an angel card reader does not make her any more special than the next person; the only difference is that she has had more practice.

Mueller mentions how people have physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of themselves. It is an added benefit to use various spiritual tools much like going to see a naturopath or nutritionist.

“It’s about being more healthy and reducing stress.”

Paige Stevenson, an angel card reader at Friends and Gems, said the readings are about pure love and light, and that she likes to think of angel card readers as “the good news people.”

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