Having a sense of humour isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be

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Almost everyone claims that a sense of humour is the most desirable trait in his or her romantic companion, but Emily Seymour, a female comedian claims this is not the case.

Seymour, a student at Red Deer College studying theatre performance and creation, was born and raised in Calgary, Alta. She has performed with improvisational groups around the city, and as a solo act at clubs including The Laugh Shop Comedy Club and the Loose Moose Theatre Company.

Seymour says that, “men want a woman who will laugh at their jokes.”

She has had this idea about men for a while now. Seymour has come to the conclusion that all funny girls are single.

Emily Seymour, a female comedian, says men don’t appreciate humour in women.
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“At least 90 per cent of my friends are all laugh-out-loud-funny and they’re all on eHarmony and Plenty of Fish because they just can’t get a boyfriend,” Seymour says.

Psychologist, Eric Bressler, from McMaster University wrote an article for Evolution & Humour Behaviour stating, “two recent studies have shown that men are not attracted to funny women.”

Bressler claims that women want a man who is a “humour generator,” while men prefer women who simply laugh at their jokes or who are “humour appreciators.”

Seymour, who is currently seeing someone, says that most of her previous relationships end because men don’t appreciate her sense of humour.

Seymour says her comedy act sends a positive message to funny girls that it’s alright to be single. Seymour is also positive that one day she will find someone who will match her sense of humour.

So, single men, be warned.The funny girls of Calgary are up for the challenge. The question is, are you?

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