From drumsticks to clippers, former Road Hammers musician does it all


Men in Calgary are starting to look a bit more polished. The streets are filled with fantastic fades and breath-taking beards. From greasers to hipsters to punks, rock n’ roll barber Corbett Frasz is the man to see if you want a killer cut.

Frasz said he knew that if a barbershop were to be named after him, he would have to be one of the best. Oddly enough, the small shop is located inside of Maddpretty Professional Makeover Studio on 12th Avenue and 7th Street S.W.

Amidst bright pink walls and women getting preened and primped by hair stylists and salon specialists, is Frasz’s “man cave,” a small room filled with guitars, music posters and a television blasting rock concerts.

Corbett Frasz’s Story. Produced by Anna Brooks and Allison Drinnan

“I remember the haircuts I was doing in my first barbershop,” Frasz said. “Compared to what I am doing now, there’s no comparison. I’m always working on my skills. People are paying you for a service, and if I’m going to focus on cool, hard-to-do haircuts, I’m going to have to be good at them.”

But Frasz isn’t just calling himself the rock n’ roll barber for kicks. Former drummer for the band the Road Hammers, Frasz won a Juno back in 2006 for country album of the year.

After living in Nashville with the band for four years, a homesick Frasz decided to leave and come back to Calgary. He chose to pursue hairstyling, and eventually went on to become a barber.

“The hair industry is so entrepreneurial,” Frasz said. “In music, you can work your ass off night and day, and it takes so long to see the fruits of your labour. Sometimes you never see them. But with hair, it’s so different. I love the creativity, and if you work hard and get good clientele, you can do really well for yourself.”

Thanks to the use of social media outlets such as Instagram, Frasz’s popularity has dramatically increased over the last few years. Although he still works as a freelance musician, he said his shop is his main focus these days.

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