Sixty-one years and still going strong


My grandparents are the epitome of a love that has stood the test of time. As of this Valentines Day, June and Eric Selgensen will have been married for a whopping 61 years. I decided to chat with them and ask them some questions about love and marriage:

 What were some of your favourite moments together?

Grandma: Travelling — we had some great times travelling together. And he’s a good guy to live with; he never complains about the meals I make, he just eats them. He’s a good person to cook for and we enjoy each day together.

Grandpa: Travelling and also the experience of when each of our three children were born.

What were some of your worst moments together?kissLTJune and Eric Selgensen go in for a kiss during June’s 80th birthday party at The Fairmont Palliser Hotel in 2012.

Photo by Lisa Taylor

Grandma: One time we were carrying a bunch of chickens into the house and he got so grouchy that I picked up a chicken and threw it at him! Then he went out the door and I kept throwing them at him until he was in his truck and drove away. Afterwards, I asked myself what I had done because I just made a big mess for myself to clean up — having to pick up and wash off all those chickens.

Grandpa: There were no bad moments together, we’ve just been really good friends for a long time.

What is your advice for making love last?

Grandma: You have to always consider each other and make your husband your first consideration.

Grandpa: Do what you’re told and be kind to one another.

Grandma: Happy wife, happy life!

Editors note: Answers have been edited for clarity and grammar.

What do you think? Tell us your advice for making love last. 

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