Alberta Kennel Club hosts two seasonal competitions for purebreds

Alberta Kennel Club CalgaryA bond between owners and dogs is something that is unbreakable — particularly when competing in dog shows together.

“It’s all about creating a strong bond with your dog,” says long-time dog trainer and competitor Tammy Sawatzky at the Alberta Kennel Club’s winter classic dog show.

She and her 11-year-old dog Holly are show experts and have been competing in dog competitions for years. This year Holly, a German Sheppard, won the title of Veteran Show Dog at the club’s dog show.

“It brought a tear to my eye because this might be her last show,” Sawatzky says.

 Sawatzky has been competing in dog shows for almost 30 years and even the leash that she now uses for Holly was once the leash of Holly’s mom.

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Wendy Hamilton-Petkau, president of the Alberta Kennel Club and show chair, says dog shows are a great way to strengthen bonds between owners and pets.

“I think where you get your real bond is in your performance events, like your obedience and rally-o, and agility,” Hamilton-Petkau says.

The Alberta Kennel Club is currently accepting applications for their summer show in August. In addition, Hamilton-Petkau says that they always encourage new and young people to join because it is a great sport to pursue.

“That’s the funnest part, whatever you do and whatever you accomplish with your dog,” Swatzky says. “That bond you build is what makes it all worth it, that makes you want to come back for more.”

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