Mexican Jaime Azcarraga stars on day three and four of competition


 “I wasn’t going to come this week — I was planning on coming to the Canada One and the last three weeks (of the Spruce Meadows summer series)”

It was a good thing he did sign up. After picking up the RBC Capital Markets Cup on Friday night, Azcarraga, riding his horse Anton, earned a RBC Grand Prix victory in front of a packed crowd and a live television audience on CBC. 

In just under 24 hours Azcarraga picked up $140,750. 

The win on Friday night continued a remarkable streak for Azcarraga, which has seen him pick up wins at Spruce Meadows in four consecutive decades. He made his debut in Calgary’s world class equestrian facility back in 1985.

The win on Saturday also bore significance as Azcarraga and the third place finisher in the RBC Grand Prix, Enrique Gonzalez, has lifted their country, Mexico, to a new level success in a Grand Prix.AzcarragaVictoryJaime Azcarraga’s (right) horse Anton took in the combination’s victory by taking a “drink” from the RBC Capital Markets Cup (the cup was empty) on Friday June 6.

Photo by Quinton Amundson.

“We’ve had some super rides and really nice wins, but I think this is the first time, and for us, it’s an honour to come and perform this way against the best riders in the world,” Gonzalez said.  

Gonzalez, like Azcarraga, is also a Spruce Meadows veteran by virtue of coming to this tournament since 1990. 

Jonathan McCrea finished as the runner-up in the RBC Grand Prix.                                         

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