Despite a new look and a new focus, music store’s passion is constant

Produced by Madison Farkas

MaWhen I was nine years old, I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. My parents took me to Guitarworks on 16th Avenue, and it was there that I picked out my first electric, a slick black Behringer. In a closet-sized practice room at the back of the store, my instructor taught me the quintessential opening riff to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”and I never looked back. The look of the store has changed a lot in the last decade, the low lighting and grungy decor of my childhood replaced by a bright, airy showroom. Its focus has also shifted to acoustic rather than electric guitars, but the essentials have stayed the same. The store has stayed with me for the ten years, and I still bring my guitars there for tune-ups. 

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