Calgarian makes way as a full-time artist after making several large life changes

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Calgarian Cory Nespor quit a well paying job and moved to a new country in hopes of making a life change, but he got so much more than that – a career as an artist.

This career is miles away from his first job as an electrician, but nine years down that road, he packed up his life and moved to New Zealand.

“I was an electrician for 13 years and I realized it wasn’t who I was as a person.” says the 34-year old artist.

While Nespor was living in New Zealand, he carried around a notebook encouraging people to share words of their life experiences inside of it.

“They spoke to me and started to inspire me while I was there,” says Nespor, “I started matching the words in the book to images and started painting.”

Those typography paintings were made out of plywood and designed with pencils, markers, and acrylic paints. Each showcased the different words of wisdom in the notebook he carried around.

After finishing 11 of the paintings, Nespor submitted one of them to Depot Artspace – a local gallery in New Zealand.

Linda Blincko, a curator at Depot Artspace, offered him an exhibition.

“[Nespor’s] work is really well executed and some of the messages are poignant and evocative and people identified with them,” says Blincko, “It’s both inspiring and accessible.”NesporEdited2Cory Nespor with his notebook inspired works of art.

Photo by Maria Dardano

Blincko says one of Nespor’s paintings is still hanging in her office at the gallery.
In a week, the 34-year-old artist sold all 11 of his paintings.

According to Nespor, “It was pretty obvious at that moment that this is something I needed to pursue.”

After a year, he moved back to Calgary and worked as a general foreman electrician for three years, where he saved $10,000 so he could to kick-start his career as an artist.

“I saved what I could so I could allow myself an opportunity to actually work and not kind of bounce around.”

Last September, Nespor quit his job to pursue his art career full time. This year, Nespor was an artisan at Calgary’s Art Market & Craft show.

Show manager Nichole Windblad says Calgary’s Art Market & Craft show was a great platform for Nespor.

“He’s an up and coming artist in Calgary so this is fantastic exposure for him” says Windblad, “his adventure starts by building his clientele at Art Market”.

Nespor would like to eventually publish the notebook that started it all for him.

“When I have enough of the body of work to kind of intersperse that then I think it could be something more realistic, but right now it’s still kind of early.”

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