A former MRU student owns the nearby Weaselhead Pub. We visit on steak night and find superb value in food and drink.

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A short five-minute walk from Mount Royal University (MRU) is the Sarcee Plaza, a strip mall located just off 37th Street that houses the 7-11 that many MRU residents have used at least once. Yet what few students may be unaware of is the secluded bar tucked behind, the Weaselhead.

Weaselhead may be easy to miss, but it is definitely a hidden gem. The first thing that I noticed when I entered was the intoxicating smell of prime-cooked steak. My mouth was watering and I knew I had to try it. It was after all the reason I was here, the infamous Steak Night. The price of a steak sandwich plus fries is only seven bucks. (The price for steak at the Keg downtown can be as high as $39 while the Hub comes in at about $15.)

My phenomenal server, Lauren , enlightened me to what is called a “Puck Party” that the Weaselhead performs during the Calgary Flames games. You pick a Flames player and if he scores you get a five-dollar coupon towards food, which is perfect for us starving students. You are then entered into a draw to win a trip to the NHL awards show in Las Vegas!finalweaselView of the Weaselhead from the front entrance. It has a wide variety of people and can be quite the busy little place on Steak Night.
Photo by Brady Grove

The bar ensures you don’t miss any of the game as you enjoy your drinks. Flat screen TVs line most of the walls above your head. They’re on booths lining the wall furthest from the door when you walk in. I sat in one closer to the windows. In the booth behind me sat two women and one man who turned out to be a fellow MRU student named Kiefer.

I returned to my seat and took a view of the entire bar. I saw some older folks enjoying the game and laughing the same as the younger folks. It dawned on me that this was a place that appealed to all ages. It was a great and friendly place but now the real test began: the food.

finalserverthumbLauren Mcwhirter, our awesome and extremely bubbly waitress, hard at work ensuring that our thirst was always quenched.
Photo by Brady Grove
The steak sandwich is so good I just sat there and revel in its awesomeness. The smell of amazingness practically radiated from the plate. It has the perfect blend of juiciness and toughness, with a blend of seasoning that light up my taste buds.

I needed to know who cooked this majestic meal. Lauren informed me that it was the owner Noda Bistihas. Bistihas, a former Mount Royal student himself, has owned the Weaselhead since 1999 when he bought it with his cousin. Bistihas eventually bought out his cousin and he currently owns it with his brother.

Bistihas wanted to have a bar where people could come and relax, while enjoying above average food. He certainly accomplished this. Weaselhead was voted number one for their wings by the Fan 960, a Calgary radio station.

For just over $11 I enjoyed a nice cold drink, spectacular food, and enjoyed great service. The Weaselhead gets a big thumbs up from an MRU student.

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