“Single, Pregnant & Horny” offers frank account of pregnancy from a 23-year-old viewpoint


Single, Pregnant and Horny was recently launched as an e-book on amazon.ca. Author Jessica Brady is a Calgary mother and a full-time journalism student at Mount Royal University. She is also an editor with the Calgary Journal. In this story, she shares why she wrote the book, beginning with the harrowing delivery of her daughter, Joni Brady, Mar. 19 2013

It’s not something I like to remember, but I force myself to. When I remember I relive it, and it hurts. I can hear my nurse yelling, “We’re losing her!”

My mouth is dry from screaming. All I see are nurses and doctors covered in blood. They’re trying to get blood back into me, but I’m hemorrhaging too quickly. I’m ready to die. The pain is too much. All I can think is: “I won’t even get to see her face.”

When I think about almost dying, without meeting my daughter, I cry — every single time. But the fact that we were almost eternally separated makes me love her more, and reminds me not to take the gift, that she is, for granted.

I never would have completed the book if it weren’t for Joni. She drives me to lead by example, and I want her to be a strong independent person who wants to change the world. It’s cheesy, but that’s my thought-process —that this book could change the perception people have on pregnancy. No shame. The objective isn’t to make a profit. 

In reality my voice isn’t one people want to hear. In journalism, we’re taught to find our voice, and once we find it, we eventually find people who respect it. I wrote Single, Pregnant & Horny to help new moms understand pregnancy and motherhood on a brutal, honest level. I truly just want to help other women who feel alone and confused through this difficult time, with truth and ridiculous humour.Upup-Jessia--Joni-Family-Shoot-MD-0033-CJessica Brady, age 24, and Joni Brady, age 2 enjoy a stroll near Bowness Park, Jan. 28 2015.

Photo courtesy of Megan Darragh/Cinderwood Video & Photography

Everyone wants to put a pretty pink veil over what being pregnant and being a mother is. I am sick of it. I wrote this book because no one else would. On top of not understanding what was happening to my body, my emotions, and my future, I was single. Not everyone has the socially acceptable relationship. So where’s the book that gives options for women who are alone in this? Or at least feel alone.

Speaking of alone: I used to thoroughly enjoy my drinking, and casual dating. I was happy being a young single student. The moment I got pregnant I went from being proud to being embarrassed. I never used to care what people thought of me until I was with child. Everyone will go through this differently, but when you find commonalities with someone else, even a stranger, you won’t feel so isolated from your friends and family.

I have absolutely no filter when it comes to the book. It can be extreme — sometimes comedic, sometimes heart-breaking. But it’s the truth. That’s why the subtitle is: Pregnancy and Motherhood Uncensored.

Don’t worry. I’m hilarious. No one else is willing to take hemorrhoids, and turn it into a joke. What? You didn’t know about pregnancy hemorrhoids? What about pregnancy induced carpel tunnel, or a mucous plug? A mucous plug is a big booger that comes out before you give birth. Bet you’re glad you just read that.

I’m hoping this will be a book you can take everywhere, and will be there for you, like a friend. You know the best friend that you love-hate because when you ask if your hair looks good they’re the only one willing to tell you it looks like crap.

So if you’re ready for something sincere, euphemism-free, and bordering on nefarious look no further.




This book is available at: amazon.ca


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