Mobile yoga company helps brides deal with wedding season

Bridesyoga copyInnergy Corporate Yoga is a company that focuses on making yoga more accessible by bringing their knowledge and experiences to businesses.

Beginning in Vancouver, B.C., in 2004, Innergy has expanded into Alberta. What started as a mobile yoga studio has grown into a business that is known for holding group classes in a corporate setting, in addition to private sessions at home or at work. The company recently expanded to showcase movements at conventions, laughter workshops and is now taking aim at bridal parties.

Heather Johnson, who oversees Innergy Corporate Yoga in Alberta, says more people seem to be joining fitness classes with friends, sparking the idea of bridal yoga.

“It’s a really fun, connective thing to do as a group and I think that bridal parties are getting bigger and bigger. They’re adding elements like activities in the afternoon, followed by dinner, followed by drinks,” Johnson says. “And so it’s getting more and more popular to do these activities with your friends.”

Wedding season peaks in June and lasts through September. Johnson says there has already been some demand for bridal yoga this year but she hopes interest will grow.

BrideYogaNot only are these classes offered inside while at work in office, but they can be held outside in the park, or in a yoga studio by request.
Photo courtesy of Heather Johnson.
Bridal magazines and websites are rife with information on how brides can prepare for their big day. For example, in January 2014 featured Sonja Franzmann, a fitness and holistic health coach and the exhortation: “Ready to look like a bombshell on your wedding day? Train with Sonja and get the body you deserve!”

Although Johnson agrees looking good and feeling good about yourself is important, she says there are other benefits to yoga.

“Yoga itself helps with stress reduction. It helps to tone the body as well. So in preparation for getting married its never a bad thing to do in a time when your busy and stressed out. Even if you don’t feel that you have time, a yoga practice is always going to help calm your mind and relax your body which makes doing everything else easier.”

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