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Dany Allard – New Democratic Party


Jerome James– Liberal Party of Canada


Tom Kmiec – Conservative Party of Canada


Graham Mackenzie – Green Party of Canada

Candidate snapshots

Dany Allard | NDP Candidate

Dany Allard Picture

Dany Allard is an information technology professional who has worked with oil and gas companies in Calgary. Allard has also volunteered with organizations like Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids and the Calgary Folk Club. Allard’s goals are to make childcare more affordable, invest in affordable housing and to create more middle class jobs. Allard lives in south Calgary with his wife and daughter. When the Calgary Journal asked how he defines politics, Allard responded, “Politics to me is about giving people a voice to have influence over their government, and ideally to help people have a better life and improve the quality of life.”

Twitter: @NDPDany

Facebook: NDPDany


Phone: 403 970 6372

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Jerome James | Liberal Candidate

Jerome James Picture

Jerome James lives in Calgary and works as an engineer for SNC Lavalin. James also volunteers for local charities including Global Shapers and the World Partnership Walk in Calgary. James is a supporter of international and sustainable development as well as the development of evidence-based policy. When asked by the Calgary Journal how he defines politics, James responded, “I believe that strong public policy will drive a strong private sector, and changing that policy is where I believe it all starts.”

Twitter: @jeromeyyc

Facebook: jeromeyyc

Campaign Website:

Office Number: 403 390 0494


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Tom Kmiec | Conservative Candidate

Tom Kmiec Picture

Tom Kmiec has worked as an assistant to a member of Parliament in Ottawa and also has experience working for provincial and federal ministers. Kmiec most recently worked as the director of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta and as a registrar for human resource professionals in Alberta. Kmiec’s main goals are to lower taxes for working residents and small businesses and to make political spending more transparent. Kmiec currently lives and works in Calgary along with his wife and three children. 

Twitter: @tomaszkmiec

Facebook: TomKmiec

Campaign Website:

Office Number: 587 315 3007


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Graham Mackenzie | Green Party Candidate

Graham Mackenzie photo

Graham Mackenzie works as a teacher and volunteers at the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society. Mackenzie believes that tackling environmental issues now is the key to ensuring a high quality of life for future generations. Mackenzie feels that Canada could become a world leader in renewable energy. He lives in Calgary, is married and has two children.

Twitter: @gmackyyc


Campaign Website:


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Calgary Shepard at a glance


The Calgary Shepard riding is new for the 2015 federal election. It consists mainly of what used to be the Calgary East and Calgary Southeast ridings. To the south and the west, the Bow River borders the riding. The northern border is 26th Avenue until 48th Street. From there, the riding cuts diagonally into 17th Avenue. The eastern border follows Range Road 284 until it turns into 120th Street. There are no incumbents running in the Shepard riding as the previous MPs are running in other ridings. In what was the Calgary East riding, Deepak Obhrai represented the area as a Conservative MP since 1997. He is now running in the Forest Lawn riding. In the former Calgary Southeast, Jason Kenney represented the area as a Conservative MP since 1997. Kenney will be running in the Midnapore riding.

Map courtesy of Elections Canada

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