The Calgary Zoo remains a special place to visit for one reporter, who grew up visiting the animals and being enthralled at the worlds it recreates


Passing through the sliding doors, you are immediately swallowed up by darkness. As your eyes adjust, they glance at the coloured lights that highlight the carved figures decorating the wall, while your ears are attacked by the sound of animals. Their screeches surround you as your ticket is scanned – dinosaurs, lions, monkeys and bears.

Then you enter the animal kingdom, the sun blinding you as the exhibits come into focus. Across the bridge and over the Bow River stand the buildings that will transport you to places you have never been – the African savannah, the rainforest, Antarctica and more.penguinsswimeditWatching the penguins fly through the water, the cool air waking me up, I always feel calm.

The magic of the Calgary Zoo is what makes it my favourite place. I have never been to Africa. I have never seen the snow-covered mountains of Tibet where snow leopards creep along the frosted edges. I have never experienced lemurs jumping from one branch to another above my head in Madagascar’s forests. However, in some ways, I have: here, wrapped in the comfortable arms of Canada at the Calgary Zoo.

It is this very special magic that will keep transporting me to places I can only dream of visiting some day. That is why the Calgary Zoo is my favourite place.

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