Whether you dress preppy or urban, you can pull off these winter trends in your own way


When it comes to fashion, we’ve noticed you can wear the same item in dozens of different ways. The way you choose to wear something defines what your style is.

There are many “types” of style, and each is unique to the person expressing themselves through fashion. In terms our own personal styles, it’s safe to say we are each other’s opposite.

If you’re “sweet,” you like classic, preppy looks. Your base wardrobe consists of a-line dresses, floral prints, pleated skirts, peplum tops and timeless jewelry, such as pearls or a Tiffany & Co. locket.

If you’re “street,” you dress with an urban, athletic vibe. Your base wardrobe consists of denim with ripped details, jersey tops, classic sneakers and leather jackets. You like to add some edge to your casual looks with brushed metal accessories and bold watches.

Trend 1: Flannel

Street style with Veronica

Total look: Make the most of sharp, bold-printed flannel, by adding in delicate details for a look that screams “sports-luxury.” By sticking with a black and white palette, it’s easier to mix in different textures, such as lace details, a down vest, or a heavy silk jogger pant, without overwhelming the look. Layering presents a sense of ease with function. Top off the look with an easy-on-the-eye white high top sneaker keep those ankles warm in the winter months.

Best detail: The jogger pant is hitting the fashion world by storm this season. These are typically paired with dress shirts and heels for the office, but you can dress down with a baggier cut by pairing them with sneakers.

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Item pick: Brisco Blouse, TNA, $65

flannel shirt
Jogger pants

Sweet style with Caroline

Total look: Pull off the look of cute, cozy and comfortable flannel by pairing the classic button-up with some cropped jeans and polished accessories. Black and white flannel matches easily with a basic white or black tank top, and can be dressed up with a necklace or some black booties. Placing a chunky necklace over the flannel creates a polished, dressier look for a Friday night out.

Best detail: Accessories! You can build on the flannel button-up and make it look sweeter by adding a beaded bracelet or chunky necklace. Adding pearls is the classic preppy top off.

Shop this look: Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co., Nordstrom
Item pick: Flannel, H&M, $30

Flannel shirt Accessories

Trend 2: Leather

Street style with Veronica

Total look: Leather doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. It can be sported as your daily coat, and having a little wear and tear on your items creates an urban, worn-in look. Real leather may not be in every person’s price range, but the investment means you will have a piece that can form fit, soften and move with you. Pairing leather with basic tops and ripped denim is a great “street uniform.” You can even throw on a leather jacket with sports wear or gym clothes to add an edge and high fashion element to an easy outfit.

Best detail: Leather can’t be worn without biker inspiration. Adding a motorcycle pant creates a base wardrobe that just asks to be accessorized with leather.

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Item pick: Mackage Kenya Jacket, Aritzia, $595

Biker pants

Sweet style with Caroline

Total look: Leather can be found on many clothing items this season. A leather skirt or leather leggings can add some much needed texture to an outfit. Matching a leather skirt with a peplum top maintains the sweetness without looking too over the top. It is important to not overdo the leather element in your outfit, so soften it with accessories like a hair bow to keep it looking cute.

Best detail: Grey peacoat with faux-leather accents. You can pair the light coat with almost any outfit, including a skirt or jeans. The coat can be worn in the fall and winter months on those milder days.

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Item pick: Leather skirt, Hollister Co., $30

Leather skirt

Trend 3: Faux fur and fuzz

Street style with Veronica

Total look: Faux fur isn’t just something you’ll see on the neck of your grandmother’s coat. Accessorizing pieces with fur details, or even having full pieces of faux fur in the form of vests, scarves or jackets, is hot for winter and sure to keep you warm. The full faux fur look may be a bit much for some, so similar pieces with slightly less bulbous form or fuzzy textures have also gained popularity. Don’t be afraid to put faux fur and fuzz together, breaking up the look with a slick jean and classic Converse Chuck Taylor for a street-ready outfit.

Best detail: If you’re going to layer this look with faux fur on fuzz, be sure to stick to neutral colours that will stand out from each other. To add some edge to the look, accessorize with a brushed metal necklace.

Shop this look: Topshop, Zara, 27 Boutique
Item pick: ONLY Official Vest, 27 Boutique, $65

Faux fur
faux fur vest

Sweet style by Caroline

Total look: Faux fur can add sweetness to any outfit. Faux fur vests, tops, and jackets are seen on a lot of women right now. Adding a faux fur vest on top of a long sleeve shirt with some skinny jeans and knee-high boots can create a more relaxed and cute look. Layering the vest is important, and you can layer faux fur over other textures, in this case a velour skirt, to dress up the look.

Best detail: Short boots or “booties” have been trending for a few years now. You can pair booties with almost any outfit and they can last nearly year round. Wearing booties adds to this softer look.

Shop this look: Nordstrom, Little Burgundy, Call It Spring
Item pick: Black faux fur Vest, H&M, $50

Faux fur

Celebrities pulling off “street” trends
Selena Gomez
Gigi Hadid
Olivia Palermo

Celebrities pulling off “sweet” trends
Kerry Washington
Taylor Swift

 Photos by Caroline Fyvie and Veronica Pocza 

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