Tournament features 11,000 players, 915 games and 2,600 coaches

EMHWthumbnailEsso Minor Hockey Week took over the city of Calgary Jan. 8 to Jan. 16 as Imperial Oil and Hockey Calgary hosted the largest minor hockey tournament in the world.

This year’s slogan was “Kids Play, Coaches Coach and Parents Cheer.” More than 900 games brought thousands of Calgarians together to celebrate their love of hockey.

Heather Burke is the team manager of her 12-year-old son’s midget recreation team. “To me [Esso Minor Hockey Week] brings together the whole hockey community. In Calgary you have recreation hockey and you have community hockey and there is a big difference between them. This tournament is both of them,” said Burke.

“It’s a chance for kids of all levels, all ages, all associations of the city to participate in one huge tournament. It really brings people together and makes them excited about hockey.”

A list of game results, including the winners of 70 final games across the divisions, can be found here.

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