With entertainment and performances along the route, runners from all over the city came out to The Rock the House Run. This annual event is in support of Ronald McDonald charities that give families a place to stay while their child receives medical treatment at the Children’s hospital.

Michelle Caplan, director of marketing communications at the Ronald McDonald House in Southern Alberta, said they served over 300 families last year and aimed to meet the same goal at this year’s run.

Throughout the years Ronald McDonald House has created a safe and supportive environment for families struggling here in Alberta.

“The Ronald McDonald House offers lots of different programs. We obviously offer the house here in Calgary, we also have a house in Red Deer, as well as two care mobiles that offer services to local families in Calgary,”says Caplan.

Becky Labine has been volunteering at the Rock the House Run’s ‘food & beverage’ sector, for four years now. She said she loves contributing to the run even in the simplest ways, because of the energy and friendly people that she gets to interact with.

“It’s just such a good place to be,” she says.

The run, like every year attracts hundreds and thousands from all over the city from all running skill levels. It’s something everyone wants to be a part of, especially if it supports a cause as great as this one.


The editor responsible for this piece is Katherine Huitema and can be contacted at khuitema@cjournal.ca.

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