Most of the utility boxes lining the streets of downtown Calgary are not particularly appealing to the eye. That is no longer the case for 12 of these boxes, as they have had a colourful makeover thanks to the local print studio Alberta Printmakers.

Alberta Printmakers’ main goal is to promote “printmaking as an evolving, contemporary medium by providing artists and the public with access to production facilities, education programs, research opportunities, lectures and exhibitions of new work.”BenningUtilityThese 12 beautiful boxes can be found downtown along 6th and 5th avenue in between 4th and 9th street. Photo by Mason Benning

Eveline Kolijn is the lead artist in the public art project that partnered the city with Alberta Printmakers and other artists to make the original works on these utility boxes.

“All the artwork on the boxes was done by hand printing and they were all created and printed in the Alberta Printmakers’ studio,” says Kolijn.kolijnEveline Kolijn hopes to contribute even more to Alberta Printmakers in the future. Photo by Mason Benning

Kolijn was with Alberta Printmakers at Olympic Plaza on Sept. 30 to officially unveil the art project and to also promote their art form.

Kolijn says the hope of being at the block party was to show people how versatile and accessible printmaking is.

“You can do very basic, simple prints with a few lines you carve or draw or screen and you get a terrific result that’s really empowering.”

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