With all the lederhosen-wearing guests, the Big Four building is a sight to behold during Calgary Oktoberfest. Smiles are plastered on nearly every face, usually accompanied with a beer in hand.

Video produced by Paul McAleer

“For me, it’s the friendliest and funnest beer event in Calgary,” says Vince Gilligan, an attendee fully clad in German garb.

Beer-lovers enjoyed a jolly atmosphere with over 50 participating breweries, accompanied by the German Polka music filling the halls and providing a soundtrack for the evening.

The German Knights Band are the main musicians of the night, but their act isn’t limited to the stage. Arthur Lapp, the mastermind behind the band and tuba player, is also getting attendees involved with the music by waltzing with them.

BODYLappwithFanArthur Lapp takes a selfie with an attendee who just finished dancing along to his band’s music. Photo by Paul McAller.“It’s good to be on stage, but when you get right in [the audience’s] faces, they can’t escape,” says Lapp. “They love it.”

With the economy as tough as it is, Lapp says Oktoberfest is a good way for people to have a good time and “forget their troubles.”

Calgary Journal videographer Paul McAleer captured the sights of Oktoberfest and Lapp performing on Sept. 23.


The editor responsible for this piece is Ingrid Mir and can be contacted at imir@cjournal.ca

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