Vincent Law has turned a long-time love of fashion into a successful blog. Despite that success, he’s contemplating a new chapter that will take him miles away from fashion.

Since he was a child, Law always had an interest in visual arts. This interest, he explains, is what eventually lead him to create his blog, Binzento Vincente.

“In kindergarten I was really good at sketching and drawing and my homeroom teacher at the time really had to push my parents to put me into art school. So I didn’t have much of a break, I had school five days a week and then I would go to art school during the weekends,” says Law.

Therefore his schooling in the visual arts taught him to apply his creativity into the world of fashion and styling.

“Even when I was a child I would ask my parents to buy me a Lacoste Polo and I would pick a bright orange color versus someone who would pick a black or white color, I was very interested in fashion.”

With Law’s success in the fashion industry, his blog has been featured in VanCity Buzz, Blog, Freq Magazine, Huffington Post Stampede Style, Huffington Post Citizen Style, Swerve Magazine, and much more.

fullsizeoutput 30f“I was heavily influenced by bjork when I was a child I think she was very different and really out there she’s very alternative, I love her persona and aesthetic.” Photo by Hillary Ollenberger

Making a big switch

Law’s long-time love of fashion was a success, but despite that, he’s more interested in making a career out of his other love — science.

“I think for someone like me it’s really hard to say I’m going to be a full time blogger because I have so many other interest and I am always dabbing into different things…”

“I like to have a lot of options to explore. Even today I’m still constantly learning different things,” says Law.

Law mentioned he always loved cooking when he was younger. To him it felt like a science experiment, one where he got to experiment with different flavours and measurements.

From there, Law took on a strong interest in biology in high school, and has now made his interest in science a career.

He graduated at the University of Calgary in 2013 with a PhD in medical science, where he focuses on protein interaction and cell cycle control in cancer cells.

“I am actually working at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre at Foothills Hospital, but I’ll [be moving] into another position very soon.” He adds that he’s been given a great opportunity to further his career in the field of cancer research in the United States.

Nevertheless, despite the career change, Law explains that he will continue his blog.

“Fashion is a big part of my life, and I will continue to move forward with it. The nature of my work in fashion does not limit me to where I live or work, since I am invited to travel to different cities and attend fashion weeks seasons after seasons.”

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