Finding a date is hard enough. That’s why I decided to download Tinder and never looked back. Follow me through the steps of my latest Tinder experience. Featuring Eric Peterson, a random right swipe. Produced by Lexi Wright.

Are you tired of conventional dating? I know I was. That’s why I downloaded Tinder, an online dating app that helps you meet like-minded people in your area. Take it from me, dating can be a difficult experience, but I’m here to show you an inside look at how Tinder works and what you can expect on a Tinder date.

Step 1) Download the Tinder app. It’s free!

Step 2) Create a profile and link up your Facebook account. Make sure you include relevant information about your likes and dislikes or risk a match whose ideal date is translating latin.

Step 3) Scroll through photos of potential matches. Swiping right on someone’s Tinder photo means you take an interest in them. Swiping left means you didn’t quite get that initial attraction. When you match with someone, it means you’ve both swiped right. This then allows you to start conversations through the app.

Step 4) Make conversation. You can talk about your interests, your life goals, your marriage plans — whatever floats your boat! The best part? You can start planning a date!

Step 5) Go on your date! Do something simple like going for coffee or make it super exciting. I’ve heard there’s nothing like skydiving to set the mood. Make sure you’ve made your date pinky swear to your agreed upon date before you meet — we can’t have them going ghosting you..

Final verdict: Tinder can be a lot of fun! Be yourself, be awesome and happy swiping!

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