In the sea of spaceships at the Star Trek exhibit at Telus Spark you will soon find flouncing gowns donned in lights and everything the latest and greatest technology has to offer for Make Fashion’s much anticipated annual gala.

Launched into the stratosphere in 2012, Make Fashion has since gone on to become one of the world leaders in wearable technology. In recent years, the show has made its way to San Francisco, China and some of the world’s largest fashion capitals, New York and Paris.

Chief artistic director Catherine Larose says that using fashion helps to “demystify technology.”

“As soon as you take the parts of a cellphone and put them into a dress, all of a sudden everybody wants to know how that works.”

This year’s gala in Calgary will mark the organizations fifth show in the city, showcasing the work of 22 design teams composed of designers, tech experts and engineers. Erina Kashihara, the Japan-based light artist behind the first light dress in 1985, among other leaders in the industry are all participants this year in the show Larose describes as “rock n’ roll fashion from the future” along with “a little bit of alien stuff.”

In addition to dance performances, this year audiences will enjoy original, live music that will pair perfectly with the projection mapping from multi Emmy award winning Michael Fournier of Jump Studios TV and Mudge Music.

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