Jordan Gooden is a 29-year-old local visual artist who encapsulates little moments of vulnerability in his work when photographing subjects in order to capture the perfect shot.

“You have to be vulnerable to define yourself and I capture the authenticity of being in that state,” says Gooden, a self-taught artist who has been exploring his creative process since 2006.

Local model, Stephanie Mosher who has worked with Gooden for 11 years says it’s all about the connection.

“To have the ability to shed ego when you have people looking, judging and making decisions about you … you want to be liked and accepted … you can trust Jordan’s process,” says Mosher.

Gooden works locally and internationally with the goal of capturing vulnerable moments by creating unique visual experiences for everyone involved.

In the following video, Gooden captures Mosher in an evening photo shoot at his home studio in Southwest Calgary. His instructions to her sound more like a conversation as he uses a soothing encouraging tone. She responds, not with words, but with effortless angles and facial expressions.

Vulnerability captured through creative lens of Calgary photographer and visual artist from MRU Journalism and Broadcasting on Vimeo.

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