When designs of the new upgraded outdoor pool were brought forward in 2013, Silver Spring residents were disappointed the dive tank was not included in the proposal and budget.

The City of Calgary told residents if they wanted a different plan, they could start raising some money says Coun. Ward Sutherland — and that’s exactly what they did.

The Silver Springs Outdoor Pool Fundraising Foundation (SSOPFF) along with residents of the community raised $325,000 through grants and overall fundraising efforts.

Although they didn’t reach their goal of $1.85 million by the set deadline of April 30, 2015, all was not lost. Through some compromising, city council and residents were able to come to an agreement on a redesign that included a dive tank.

Fundraising for the pool had initially targeted on having two basins. By re-designing the project to have one basin, it significantly decreased the cost and opened the door for one large basin with a very deep end explains SSOPFF vice president, Cydney Elofson.

The fundraising efforts of the community were put towards the new design and both the city and the residents are happy with the end results.

“The unique thing is everybody wants everything, but no wants to do anything about it, and that’s why it’s unique where the [Silver Springs] community said ‘well, we’ll go raise some money,’” says Coun. Sutherland.

Elofson says the new pool will feature a 33-metre long basin, a 4.26-metre dive tank on one end which will include a concrete dive platform that is three metres and a 1-metre springboard.

“It is a very deep end. In fact, it exceeds the current regulations for dive tanks. So that in case they happen to change things over the next 10 to 20 years, we still feel that we will be well within the specks that are required,” says Elofson. “They really miss the pool.”

The previous pool lasted 40 years and there’s hope the new pool will last just as long.

Residents say they’re excited for the opening of the pool, which if weather permits will be Father’s Day weekend June 18 with the grand opening aimed sometime in July.

The grand-re-opening of the revamped pool has been delayed, however, until summer 2018 because groundwater has been seeping into the structure, impeding efforts to complete the construction.


The editor for this article is Lauretta John, ljohn@cjournal.ca

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