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You have a friend coming to Calgary who has never visited the city before. What restaurant would you take them to and why?

Blair Berdusco: Rea’s, Blue Star Diner, White Elephant, OEB, so many to choose from, depends what meal and what the rest of the day holds.

Greg Miller: The Deane House. It has an amazing original menu. And it’s in a terrific historical setting where the Elbow meets the Bow.

Sean Chu: I would take them to my mom’s house. She is the best cook in Calgary!!

Srinivas Ganti: Bears Den by Bearspaw. I am a great fan of game meats.

You are inviting several friends to join you for dinner. Two live on the outskirts of the city and their car is out of service. They must travel 20 km to reach the restaurant and they’ve asked you for advice about the best way to get there. What would you recommend and why?

Blair Berdusco: I would recommend transit first. Second, I would recommend Car2Go, third I would offer them a ride.

Greg Miller: You can bike along our many pathways and follow along the river, or simply hop on the 302 which stops close by.

Sean Chu: I would go pick them up if they are having car troubles. That’s what friends do.

Srinivas Ganti: Transit because it is very effective.

You arrive at the restaurant, and first course arrives. You notice one of your friends is double-dipping in the shared appetizer. How do you react?

Blair Berdusco: If I know them well, I probably don’t care. If we are just becoming friends I might consider a personal spoonful on my plate.

Greg Miller: I tell them they’re not in Edmonton any more!

Sean Chu: I would ask my friend politely to stop. My friends know better.

Srinivas Ganti: Assume he likes it a lot.

The main course has arrived and the conversation has turned to politics, specifically secondary suites. Your good friend tells the table he has been fighting to convert his basement to a secondary suite but has been caught up in red tape at city hall. He then confesses he’s renting it out despite it being illegal. Will you report it? Why or why not?

Blair Berdusco: No. I would encourage them to register it once it is up to snuff. I would also, as the ward 4 Councillor, ensure we are working towards a more efficient and easy to navigate process. Possibly to encourage the city to provide an “acknowledged” label to the illegal suite, eventually leading to a “legal” label.

Greg Miller: No, but I do ask him if it meets the Alberta Building Code, for safety. Frankly, given the horrible process to get a secondary suite approved, I can’t say I blame him.

Sean Chu: I would give him the information he would need to make the unit compliant with all regulations. Then, I would use my experience with the procedure in order to provide advice on how best to start, and navigate, the process.

Srinivas Ganti: No, ensuring it is safe.

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