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You have a friend coming to Calgary who has never visited the city before. What restaurant would you take them to and why?

Hirde Paul Jassal: Namskar, because I love their service and enjoy tasty food.   

George Chahal: Caesar’s Steak House: a Classic Calgary Institution.

Aryan Sadat: I would ask my friend what he or she wants and accommodate it accordingly, such as a family oriented restaurant. I would take to them to Buffalo wings and I hope it is on Tuesday because they have wings special and my mom sister loves that place.

You are inviting several friends to join you for dinner. Two live on the outskirts of the city and their car is out of service. They must travel 20 km to reach the restaurant and they’ve asked you for advice about the best way to get there. What would you recommend and why?

Hirde Paul Jassal: I will go to their place and give them a ride because they honor my invitation and spare their valuable time for dinner.

George Chahal: I would arrange a ride for them or pick them up.

Aryan Sadat: I would arrange a transportation which is economical for them.

You arrive at the restaurant, and first course arrives. You notice one of your friends is double-dipping in the shared appetizer. How do you react?

Hirde Paul Jassal: Normal, because of my good habit.

George Chahal: I would double dip as well and order more.

Aryan Sadat: As a big fan of Seinfeld, my mind would immediately flash to the scene where George Costanza is chastised because he double-dipped his potato chip in the dip.  I think I would take a live and let live approach – to quote George: “You dip the way you want to dip, I’ll dip the way I want to dip.”

The main course has arrived and the conversation has turned to politics, specifically secondary suites. Your good friend tells the table he has been fighting to convert his basement to a secondary suite but has been caught up in red tape at city hall. He then confesses he’s renting it out despite it being illegal. Will you report it? Why or why not?

Hirde Paul Jassal: I will report because of safety of my friend, his family, his neighborhood and the community.

George Chahal: I would not report. I would advise him/her to make sure he/she complies with safety code requirements.

Aryan Sadat: Too many Calgarians are resorting to ignoring the law because of the ridiculous way Council has approached the issue of secondary suites. I would work with my friend to comply with the current rules regarding secondary suites, and then work with the new Council to bring in wholesale reform on the issue of secondary suites.

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