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You suddenly find yourself back in grade school. You have all of your grown-up life experience, but you’re moving around the school in a young person’s body. You’re in Grade 1 and Halloween is fast approaching. Which costume do you wear to school and why?

Public school board candidates

Althea Adams: Well, I’m not sure about today, but when I was in Grade 1 I was little orphan Annie, mostly because that gave me a license to break into song with “the sun will come out tomorrow” anytime I wanted. Still true today! Lol

Nimra Amjad: I grew up wanting to be a scientist and ended up in Environmental Science. Lab coat and glasses all the way!

Laura Hack: Likely a pirate so I can make cheesy jokes all day!

Kim Tyers: I would be Princess Belle with a samurai sword. As a kid, I always wore costumes that combined different ideas, in this case combining strength and beauty.

Separate school board candidates

Kenneth Doll: A costume that the grade one student dreamed up created. Rather than a store bought costume, I would want I create my own with my own that challenges me creatively and expresses my desire to put my best effort forward.

Pamela Rath: Wonder Woman. Here is why…She is strong, confident and knows what she wants. She has a heart of gold and spends her life fighting for the underdog. She believes she can make a difference in her world and her driving force is her family who is expecting her to be great.

How time flies. You’re in Grade 9. Your teacher is insisting you vote for which school club to cut because there’s a shortage of teachers to run the clubs. Which one gets the thumbs down? Explain your decision, please.

 Public school board candidates

Althea Adams: Chess club. None of them gets a thumbs down. I would ask another teacher to supervisor, or go to my principal and ask for help. Perhaps a parent volunteer can be brought in. Maybe one teacher could supervise two clubs if they ran at the same time. Before we start to cut clubs, lets exhaust other options first. Clubs are a great way for students to build friendships, develop leadership skills, and contribute to a sense of belonging at school.  Every effort should be made to encourage that.

Nimra Amjad: AV club. I will propose that the Science and AV club combine resources & collaborate to form Science & Tech club until we have more funds

Laura Hack: Chess club. Because chess can be played on my phone with my friends and I don’t need a teacher supervising and online lessons can teach me how to play.

Kim Tyers: Chess club. We shouldn’t cut any of them, but combine clubs where common interests align.

Separate school board candidates

Kenneth Doll: Gay straight alliance club. Because this is an exclusive club that only few will belong too. Any student could belong to any of the other clubs, as the other clubs are open to all and offer opportunities for ALL students.

Pamela Rath: Chess club. Chess is easy to do outside of school and with very little supervision. Kids who love chess are smart enough to find a way to play no matter what the circumstances.

You’re in high school. You realize that one of your friends has been bullying another student because of his sexual orientation. You go to a teacher about the need to start a Gay Straight Alliance club, but her reception is lukewarm. You can tell she’s not going to help. How are you going to make this happen?

Public school board candidates

Althea Adams: Bullying is not okay. First and foremost, I would go to my friend and talk to them about it. And tell them if it continued then we would no longer be friends. Many of us can remember what it was like to be bullied in our youth – and how devastating that was to our wellbeing.  I would ask another teacher or principal for support to start a GSA.  Students Count team has proposed an independent ombudsman to handle unresolved complaints about bullying as we know how important this issue is for student wellness.

Nimra Amjad: Approach the Principal and chat to other students and get a petition going – involve the students union!

Laura Hack: I got straight to the principal and remind them of the provincial legislation requiring all schools to offer GSAs within schools and let the principal deal with that teacher.

Kim Tyers: Kim Tyers chose not to respond to this question.

Separate school board candidates

Kenneth Doll: Students need to know that they can do things on their own. If something is important to them, they have ability to take a leadership role make things happen. It’s part of learning to be a contributing member of the community and of society.

Pamela Rath: I would go to the staff member and remind her that every student deserves a safe and comfortable place to hang their hat, regardless of sexual orientation. I would suggest she find us a room, a sponsor teacher, and help us choose a name for our club that exudes acceptance and inclusion for all.

It is nearing the end of the tenth grade and marijuana has been legalized for a little over a month. You and a few other students learn that a teacher smokes a lot of cannabis at home. Do you think she should be held to a different standard when it comes to her recreation? 

Public school board candidates

Althea Adams: As with any substance abuse issue in the workplace, if there was behaviour affecting their work, an employer would need to take action. This would be the same for teachers.

Nimra Amjad: As far as the law goes, there is nothing in current legislation that should hold her to a different standard based on what she does in her personal life unless there is an impact on her profession.

Laura Hack: I would treat it the same as if I heard a teacher drinks “a lot” at home. In their home is their business if it starts affecting their work or when they are out in public it’s a different story.

Kim Tyers: Kim Tyers chose not to respond to this question.

Separate school board candidates

Kenneth Doll: As private citizens, teachers have every right to do what they want in the privacy of their own home as long as what they are doing is is not illegal and as long as they are not hurting anyone. Outside of the privacy of their own home, teachers have influence over students and should conduct themselves in a manner that respects the influence they have on students.

Pamela Rath: The Canadian government legalized the use of recreational marijuana to align it with the laws consistent with the consumption of alcohol. I would expect a teacher, as a professional and an educator to govern herself accordingly with respect to both alcohol and marijuana use. I wouldn’t want her coming into my school smelling of alcohol or marijuana.

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