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You suddenly find yourself back in grade school. You have all of your grown-up life experience, but you’re moving around the school in a young person’s body. You’re in Grade 1 and Halloween is fast approaching. Which costume do you wear to school and why? 

Public school board candidates

Richard Hehr: I would wear my Elvis costume. In a previous life I had numerous gigs as an Elvis impersonator – so I’d not only have the gear, but the skills to pay the bills this Hallows-eve.

Merle Terlesky: Clown as I think its fun and scary at the same time.

Separate school board candidates

Mario Deshaies: A silly clown, i like to make people laugh.

Cheryl Low: I have 5 sisters and brothers. My mom always made our costumes – my favorite is the Little Red Riding Hood costume with a bright red hooded cape and green skirt with white tights. I will be comfortable and confident to learn all day.

How time flies. You’re in Grade 9. Your teacher is insisting you vote for which school club to cut because there’s a shortage of teachers to run the clubs. Which one gets the thumbs down? Explain your decision, please.

Public school board candidates

Richard Hehr: Chess club. Let me tell you a story from last week. I was playing chess with my grandson and he said – let’s make this interesting. So we stopped playing chess.

Merle Terlesky: Chess club. Chess can be played anywhere at anytime and does not really need supervison as much.

Separate school board candidates

Mario Deshaies: AV club. I think watching too much TV is not good for our Children. I think we should promote physical activities outside and open their mind to different point of view

Cheryl Low: Chess club. As a student I appreciate that I am being provided the opportunity to have input. Each school is unique and has unique needs. It is important that the student body is included in the decisions at their school. While chess challenges the mind and develops excellent skills it has never been my game.

You’re in high school. You realize that one of your friends has been bullying another student because of his sexual orientation. You go to a teacher about the need to start a Gay Straight Alliance club, but her reception is lukewarm. You can tell she’s not going to help. How are you going to make this happen?

Public school board candidates

Richard Hehr: I would start it anyway. The statistics are clear: in schools where there are Gay Straight Alliances versus where there are none, a UBC study showed that there was 50% decline in suicidal ideation amongst LGBTQ youths — and heterosexual male students as well. Students should be able to associate freely with one another, and support one another. The first step would be to, of course, gather students, and particularly support my bullied friend.

Merle Terlesky: In order to start any club of interest, if the teacher was a no I would go further up the chain, and go direct to the school Principal, and also maybe email my CBE Trustee for advice

Separate school board candidates

Mario Deshaies: I would go talk to the school director to talk about it

Cheryl Low: N/A

 It is nearing the end of the tenth grade and marijuana has been legalized for a little over a month. You and a few other students learn that a teacher smokes a lot of cannabis at home. Do you think she should be held to a different standard when it comes to her recreation? 

Public school board candidates

Richard Hehr: If  marijuana is legal the adult teacher has every right to comply with the law and access those opportunities.

Merle Terlesky: If its legal its legal, so what could I do?

Separate school board candidates

Mario Deshaies: I don’t think we should change our standard. Smoking marijuana at home is a personal choice. As long as this teacher is not smoking in front of the students and on the school site.

Cheryl Low: Teachers are role models, mentors, and leaders in their schools and communities. They are held in high regard and hold themselves to high standards.

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