Raleigh has always strived to create music that invokes a meaningful influence in their listeners. With the release of their third album, Powerhouse Bloom, the Calgary band will continue to stick to its roots.

“Our intent has stayed close to the original content,” says Clea Anaïs, lead singer and cellist of the band.

“Raleigh is the project that is very exploratory, honest and creativity and an honest pursuit of music as an art form, and this album is still very honest in that way. It is a very beautiful listening experience. We hope to continue that kind of theme with our work.”   

This original sound is created by the band’s four key members: Brock Geiger, the lead singer and guitarist, Clea Anaïs cellist and co-vocals, Matt Doherty on the drums and the newest member, Will Mac, on bass guitar.

But do not expect the same content as their last albums. Powerhouse Bloom was recorded at the Independent Band Residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, where they got the opportunity to work alongside famous Canadian engineers and producers such as Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes / Weezer), Graham Lessard (Timber Timbre/Plants and Animals) and Nyles Spencer (The Tragically Hip).

The combined effort of the engineers and the band itself developed this new sound that will entertain and impact fans in a more meaningful way than their other albums.

“The level of thought and recording and the time put in and just our abilities all make this album new and fresh,” Anaïs says in reference to the upcoming albums predicted success.   

Being from Calgary influences the band’s music as the beautiful natural architecture of the city evokes emotions from Calgarians, Anaïs believes that the band attempts to interrupt those feelings through their music.

“Our music paints pictures of landscapes and evokes specific imagery and having grown up in such a beautiful city where we are so close to the mountains, the setting really ties into the music that you create and the lyrics that goes along with it.”

RaleighBodyClea Anaïs working on the new album at the artist residency in Banff. Photo courtesy of Raleigh

This is something that many listeners will find in the new album, and it is something that the band intends on taking with them when they go on tour. However, the band has noted that touring often takes them into unexpected journeys in which perspectives on their music may change.

Anaïs says that when they head out onto their tours, one can never know what to expect, and that it is an experience that changes every time they load up their van.

“We’re gaining the experience of life. You go on the road in a van with a bunch people and start an adventure.” She goes on to explain how the adventure influences their music. “You need to keep being connected with life to write anything meaningful.”

With Calgary being their home, and their successes expanding internationally, the question raised is where they should set up their “home base.” According to Anaïs, it would not be a matter if money did not restrict them, so long as it was all about the music.

“It wouldn’t matter what city we were in, everybody would just leave their day job and focus more on making things.”

The band is set to tour across Ontario and Quebec before a hometown show Oct. 26 at the Ironwood Stage & Grill. Powerhouse Bloom is out now. For more information, visit http://www.raleigh-sound.com


Editor: Jamie McNamara | jmcnamara@cjournal.ca

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