Even if you haven’t set foot in MRU’s new Riddell Library and Learning Centre, it’s pretty obvious that it’s quite the upgrade. But, there’s a few new features that should convince you to walk through those new doors…

  1. Visualization wall: The new library has two of these, each two metres tall and the larger one spanning seven metres wide, making them great for multimedia presentations. The walls are made up of touch screen panels and can connect to up to eight different devices.
  2. Skateboard wall: Located on every floor adjacent to the elevators, the walls are covered with a mosaic of recycled skateboards.
  3. Charging station furniture: Many pieces of furniture have plugins so that students can plug in their electronics while working.
  4. Binary code: The outside of the building is inscribed with binary code, which spells out the university’s motto, “How well, not how much.” As well  as the school’s full name, “Mount Royal University.”
  5. Treadmills desks: One of the most unique installments of the library are the treadmill desks. Each go up to level two speed and allow students to get in some exercise while studying.
  6. Maker studio: The new maker studio is ideal for creative projects. The room includes 3D printers, drawing tablets, sewing machines and circuitry models.
  7. Immersion studio: Located on the third floor, the room has 10 projectors and can project a 360-degree image on the walls. “As a nursing student, or physiology or anatomy student, you can imagine what it would be like to stand in a beating heart, literally,” said university librarian, Meagan Bowler.
  8. Gender neutral washrooms: John Souleles, project architect with Dialog, who joined the Riddell Library project four years ago, said including the gender neutral washrooms was a big decision for the university. “There was quite a democratic approach to the way the building was planned.”
  9. Free lockers: Located on the first floor, there are a number of free lockers available for day use.

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