The conflict between Midfield Mobile Home Park and the City of Calgary has been long and messy. A deteriorating neighbourhood on prime real estate. A close-knit community being forced to scatter. Decisions made on promises that were later broken.

The conflict began in the early 2000s. Some said the root of the problem ran down to the roots of the park itself – its failing water and sewer system. Others said the root of the problem ran deeper than the infrastructure. These people claimed the conflict was the result of a city council with a hunger for money and lack of compassion towards people who live in “trailer parks.”

Either way, the stories of residents, a box of documents and a database of newspaper articles tells the history of a mobile home park that stood on shaky ground for nearly 20 years.

Click the image to explore the story of a mobile home park that put up a fight, but will soon be vacant., and

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