Scott Bakken is a family-oriented dad who got into photography by taking photos on his iPhone, but as his photos became more popular on Instagram, he turned it into a full-time job and founded the global community Socality.

“My goals are helping people find belonging and community, and then taking that community and using it for purpose. Mobilizing people into social change through their collective voice,” says Bakken.

Socality offers programs for developing creatives and helps provide the tools so that one can discover their individuality through innovative mediums, and connect with others to help increase their creative skills. It is becoming increasingly popular in the Instagram social community.

Bakken launched his account in 2012 and currently has more than 300,000 followers on his Instagram account, and he says that his start in photography came not from professional training, but instead through experimentation with his cell phone camera.

By 2015, Bakken noticed a significant amount of attention on his Instagram page as tens of thousands of people began following him, which grew simultaneously with Socality, a community organization he founded in 2014.

“I started with my iPhone … I think I got into photography to build relationships and connections, and also because I love showing off my backyard,” says Bakken.

Being an early adopter to the Instagram app, Bakken had an advantage as the app chose to feature him as a “User to Follow,” giving him a major boost in followers, as well as a solid foundation to build up his personal and professional brand.

Jonathan Zoeteman is an operations director at Socality, and attributes much of its success to Bakken’s enthusiastic approach to life.

“He’s the type of person who could sell you on just about any crazy idea, and I think that’s in part why Socality has grown,” he says.


Bakker officially launched Socality in 2014. The platform is a global community designed to connect and develop social media contributors who share similar passions. Photo courtesy of Aaron Froes.

Aaron Froese, a Socality community member,  says that through his love of photography and social media, he accidentally stumbled across the Socality hashtag.

“I know people from all over Canada through his community now, all over the U.S. and even into the U.K. and places like that,” he says.

Community is not only a goal of Bakken’s personal Instagram, but it’s also a goal of Socality. He saw a need for a meaningful social community, so he created one. Many community members are photographers and creatives who have high followings on Instagram,

“I think that we just want to help people. We want to help people give opportunity, and opportunity comes when people are together,” explains Bakken.

Bakken has positive hopes for the future of Socality, as his family, personal Instagram account and business have found much success through his values.

“I’m excited to advance more relationships and impact, and think about how, as I grow my platform, I can use my voice in a greater way for the things that matter to me.”

Despite his use of social media platforms, Jessica Bakken is grateful for her husband’s constant involvement with their family, including his inclusion of the family in his social media. Spotlighting them on his Instagram has provided unique opportunity to document their family life and experiences.

“It’s hard to find that balance, but he’s constantly working to make sure he has time with the family and time together where he’s present,” she says.

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