Rock ‘n’ roll legend Randy Bachman is coming to Mount Royal University’s Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts on March 19 with a show billed as “Every Song Tells a Story.”

Even though the Guess Who guitarist and Bachman-Turner Overdrive frontman will be performing some of his hits like American Woman, Takin’ Care of Business and Shakin’ All Over, he’s also incorporating a special tribute to Beatles guitarist, George Harrison.

Coming with his three-piece band and his son Tal, Bachman-senior plans on touching on some of the history between Canadian rockers Neil Young and Burton Cummings. Bachman’s 20-stop Canada wide tour goes from March 2 to Aug. 12.

“Basically, it’s a history of Winnipeg music,” he says, adding his son is going to help tell the story behind These Eyes, as Bachman wrote it for Lorayne Stevenson, Tal’s mother. Tal will also get a chance to share the story behind his single, She’s So High, before performing it with his dad.

Coming off of his 2015 album Heavy Blues, Bachman says he was looking for a new angle to tackle with his music and that’s when it hit him: 2018 would be George Harrison’s 75th birthday and this opened up an opportunity.

“To do something different, I thought ‘I’m going to take George Harrison’s songs [and] I can’t out-George George, or outdo the Beatles, so I’m going to rearrange them … and reinvent every song,” Bachman says.

Bachman reworked about 25 songs written by George Harrison and even though a few songs “sank like a lead weight” there were a handful of tunes that, “floated to the top and became really good songs.” Bachman then wrote an original piece called Between Two Mountains, a song that celebrates Harrison’s, “little songs that came in the cracks between Lennon and McCartney.”

The finished album, By George By Bachman: From One Guitar Great to Another was recorded and mixed in Calgary at the Studio Bell and will be hitting shelves on March 2, 2018. Bachman says he’ll be playing a handful of songs off the album, including You Like Me too Much and blues icon Walter Trout will be joining Bachman on their rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

The first time Bachman played in Calgary was back in 1963 when he was still touring with the Guess Who. Since that time, he has always enjoyed coming back and he hopes to bring some of his memorabilia and musical collection to the National Music Centre someday.

Right now, the museum has Bachman’s original 1959 Gibson Les Paul that he first played American Woman on.

Unfortunately, the only other Alberta show is in Sherwood Park on March 21, but it is sold out. For diehard fans, the next stop for Bachman are back-to-back shows in Winnipeg, Man. 

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