Calgary Canvas is a five-part series that illustrates two views on city issues. Tune in to hear a new topic every episode, produced and hosted by two reporters from the Calgary Journal.

Episode 5: Paranormal Perspectives

April 16, 2018

In the final episode of the season, Sarah Green and Dan Khavkin delve into the unknown and explore different views on the paranormal. Interviews: Holly Goddard from Wolf Paranormal Investigations & Dr. Chris Seers from the University of Calgary’s psychology department. // logo by Nicholas Vicent & the Noun Project.

Episode 4: Student Stress

April 9, 2018

Kyra Bird and Chula Casey look at different sides of student stress, talking to MRU student Lindsay Ulsifer and Sarah Rude from MRU’s Student Success and Early Support programs

Episode 3: Wage Wars

April 3, 2018

Nathan Woolridge and Ricardo-Andres Garcia take a look at two sides of Alberta’s new minimum wage, talking to server Marissa Corea & Scott Crockatt from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Episode 2: Carbon Conflict

March 26, 2018

Bill Atwood and Halen Kooper look at the economic and environmental impact of Alberta’s carbon tax. Interviews: Ryan Johnson, VP at Baytex Energy Corp., and Israel Dunmade, Environmental Science professor at Mount Royal University.

Episode 1: Battle For The Bid

Mar 19, 2018

In this episode, Grace Dirks and Liam Gilles explore what a 2026 Olympic bid might mean for Calgary. Interviews: Dale Henwood, President and CEO of the Canadian Sport Institute, and Peter Watts, radio host of the Alberta Morning News on 770 CHQR.

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