Calgary Journal reporters have created their own multimedia websites surrounding specific issues. Six different topics are addressed with history, information, videos, and investigative interviews. Read the summaries to learn more.

Price for life

Price for Life

By Polly Eason & Emily Thwaites

For many people wishing to start a family, pregnancy is often a natural step in life. However, one in six Canadian couples struggle with infertility, a number that has doubled since the 1980s, according to Fertility Matters Canada.

Read about personal experiences with In Vitro Fertilization and the costs that come with it.



By Courtney Ingram, Natalie Valleau, Breanne Kramer

Mindtrap dives into the world of the non-criminally responsible (NCR). These are individuals who committed crimes without a sound mind. Many believe they should be locked up in jail like the rest, others say that mental illness warrants them free from full accountability and a chance to get proper treatment. Our site takes a look at the numerous perspectives involved within the NCR verdict.

Read about cases in Calgary, including Matthew de Grood, Mike Filinger and those who have been affected. 

Jordan Decision

The Jordan Decision

By Anna Junker, Logan Peters and Tyler Ryan

In the later part of December 2008, Barrett Richard Jordan was arrested following an RCMP investigation into a “dial-a-dope” operation in both Langley and Surrey, B.C. The officers wouldn’t know at that time that Jordan’s arrest would set off a chain reaction of legal events that would lead to a Supreme Court decision in Jordan’s name.

Learn more about the eight-year  process and the decision’s impact on the Canadian justice system.

Instafit photo


By Abby LaRocque, Sarah Kirk and Deanna Tucker

Instagram’s influence can be an inspiration, or an obsession, especially for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. Three reporters take a look at how an app currently hosting more than 800 million active users can either help or hinder the pursuit of health.

From speaking with personal trainers to a nutritionist, read up on the breakdown of social media and how individuals can be mislead.

Gambling photo

Alberta’s Gambling Problem

By Kenneth Van De Walle and Patrick Gibson

Although it generates lots of money for charitable organizations and other worthy causes, there is a dark side to gambling too. It can be addicting and can ruin people’s lives. Is it right to generate money at the expense of the vulnerable? Read ahead to see the true stories of gambling and addiction in Alberta.

weed photo

Farm to Roll

By Will Cowan, Whitney Cullingham and Miguel Morales

Cannabis has a long and storied history with Canadians. However, thanks to prohibitive laws introduced in 1923, most of that history has been shrouded in a world of criminality. Now, the Canadian government is looking to reverse the prohibition of marijuana and make it finally legal for consumption for a recreational market after 17 years of legal consumption for medical patients. Read up on the history and the business of legalization in Alberta as the upcoming October legalization approaches.

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