With the hustle and bustle of city life, it is often hard to remember to take time to get up from your desk and spend time outside.

The Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farms, located just 10 minutes from the city, gives Calgarians an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the festivities of fall in a true farm setting.

Corn maze owner Mark Muchka recognizes his farm as an easy way to get people outside. “We wanted to kind of recreate fall here for the city.”

His farm gives Calgarians the opportunity to experience the best parts of fall, from petting zoos to picking your own pumpkins, the Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farms has it all.

“Of course growing pumpkins around Calgary is almost impossible so we do our best to recreate a patch for you and a place where you can come out and get authentic farm photos,” Muchka says.

Calgary Journal videographer Monique LaBossiere visited the farms Autumn Pumpkin Festival earlier this month. 

Produced by: Monique LaBossiere

Editor: Simran Sachar | ssachar@cjournal.ca  

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