The unofficial results are in following the Calgary 2026 Olympic public plebiscite and Calgarians have voted no to go forward with the 2026 Olympic bid.

The unofficial number of votes cast was 171,750 (56.4 per cent) against Calgary hosting, to 132,832 (43.6 per cent) for Calgary hosting, for a total of 304,774 votes.

The city reacts as the results were made public

What Calgarians were saying throughout the day

Before the results came in, Calgarians took to social media to express their feelings about the bid.

A day before the vote, Calgarian Calin Way voiced frustration towads the locations of some designated polling stations.

Throughout the day, Calgarians in both camps were out rallying and campaigning until the final ballots were counted.

Some Twitter users, like California1530, were busy providing some last minute information for voters who might still be on the fence.

One junior high teacher from Calgary shared that his grade nine students were particularly interested in today’s plebiscite.

Calgarian Trent Johnsen expressed concern over Calgary’s Olympic bid, as he fears that billions of funds and temporary jobs will evaporate once the games are over.

Gord Gillies of Global News Calgary said that he feels the Olympics are a part of Calgary’s DNA and that The Games will be as great in 2026 as they were in 1988.

 Editors Note: This story will be updated throughout the night as further information becomes available. 

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