On Friday November 9, 2018, something new and exciting happened in the Calgary core — Greta Arcade Bar opened.

Located at 213 10 Ave SW, Greta is a new venue that brings together the experience of visiting a Chuck E. Cheese’s mixed with that of your favorite bar, but without the children. This is a new experience and one that has not been tried in Calgary before; one where you can escape the trials and tribulations of the real world for a night filled with fantastical arcade games.

While travelling around the southern United States, Chris Decock, founder of Greta, says he became inspired by the vibrant food truck scene and decided he wanted to bring that style of eatery to Canada. As president and co-founder of Hudsons Canada’s Pub, he says his background and funds helped create Greta’s kitchen, which is a food truck located directly in the restaurant.

Scott MartinWEBBecca Scott and Alexa Martin visit Greta during the University of Calgary reading break and are happy to enjoy the new arcade-type venue.

Greta combines popular themes for the young professional. Becca Scott and Alexa Martin say they appreciate how tables and games are integrated, adding “it makes it feel like everything is interconnected and that you do not have to separate your playtime from meal time.” 

Greta takes a handful of great things and brings them together as one. Street food, arcade games, cocktails, pinball and classic carnival games that are sure to make your inner-child smile.

Jeremy Bokesch is a big fan. “This is a great place — it really has character, it’s not sterile and I like that, this is my third time here,” he says.

BeerWEBJeremy Bokesh enjoys a sudsy beverage while enjoying a night off work with his friends at Greta. Photo by Gabriel Reed.

Emma Addison and Virginie Laflamme are entranced while playing the latest Jurassic Park game spending close to half an hour at the machine.

“Drinks and dinosaurs? Now this is the kind of D&D that I can get into,” says Addison.

DinosWEBEmma Addison and Virginie Laflamme can be found here killing and capturing the escaped dinosaurs that are running amuck in Jurassic Park.  Photo by Gabriel Reed.

Chris Jamieson, Greta’s central managing partner, says the new concept seems to agree with people.

“I just can’t get over people’s immediate facial reaction, smiling ear to ear,” says Jamieson. “People are eating and drinking us out of house and home.”

Sundays feature $5 drinks and discounted game prices for local servers, as a way to give back to the community of bartenders and servers that serve the city the rest of the week.

Game overWEB The exit and coat check at Greta, letting players know that when they leave the fun and games are over. Photo by Gabriel Reed

Editors: Colin Macgillivray & Nathan Kunz | cmacgillivray@cjournal.ca & nkunz@cjournal.ca

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