Calgary Journal photographers are asked each year to create a photo that they would describe as impactful. The resulting series of images showcase the best of our photographers creativity and technical skill.

Vanndale copy copyPhoto by Sydney Vandale.

Zach Weil finalPhoto by Zach Weil.

JenkinsImpact copyPhoto by Jagan Jenkins.

hawes9 copyPhoto by Haley Hawes.

ThomasPattersonImpact copyPhoto by Thomas Patterson.

cassiydmckay copyPhoto by Cassidy McKay.

Bernardin copyPhoto by Paige Bernardin.

karltattooflower copyPhoto by Tammie Samuel.

Ty PattersonImpact copyPhoto by Ty Patterson.

Jake Pointen copyPhoto by Jake Pointen.

dledukeimpactfinal copyPhoto by Dylan Leduke.

Eliza Balkwill impact2 copyPhoto by Eliza Balkwill.

EmmanuellaKondo copyPhoto by Emmanuella Kondo.

Angela Lackey 2 copyPhoto by Angela Lackey.

Anna Fritz copyPhoto by Anna Fritz.

SCHEUERMAN impact copyPhoto by Matthew Scheuerman.

Mackenzie Mason copyPhoto by Mackenzie Mason.

MorganDahlseideImpactPhoto2 copy copy
Photo by Morgan Dahlseide.

Madison McKenzie0434Photo by Madison McKenzie.

Cullen Chan Impact Photo copyPhoto by Cullen Chan.

better looking duck copyPhoto by Harsimran Chahal.

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